2012 Романсы Рахманинова


Год выпуска: 2012; ONDINE
Дмитрий Хворостовский (баритон), Ивари Илия (фортепиано)

1. We shall rest
2. Oh no I beg you do not leave
3. Morning
4. In the silence of the mysterious night
5. Oh you my corn field
6. My child you are beautiful
7. A dream
8. I was with her
9. I am waiting for you
10. Do not believe me
11. She is as beautiful as noon
12. Spring waters
13. In my soul
14. It is time
15. They replied
16. An excerpt from Alfred de Musset
17. How nice this place is
18. How much it hurts
19. Everything I had
20. Yesterday we met
21. Everything passes
22. Sad night
23. Once again I am alone
24. AT the gates of the holu cloister
25. Christ is risen